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  1. What headphones/speakers should I buy?
  2. How do I make this sound better?
  3. How do I use eq and compression? Why do they matter?
  4. How do I gen-lock my multi-cam studio? Why should I?
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Matt Cowley
Sound Designer

"I recently had questions about setting up for an ADR session, and he gave me excellent advice quickly, that got me where I needed to be. He answered the questions I asked, but also a few that I didn’t know I needed to ask."

Brittney Blews
Editor, Producer

"He always keeps a positive attitude, and is forever approachable! I like to think he was the Swiss Army Knife of our team, and I'm forever grateful to him for teaching me so many things over the years."

Fred Zara
Producer, Director

"Tommy is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of audio. He is highly technical but he is also quickly adaptable to new circumstances on or off the set. I've worked with several audio engineers but I keep coming back to Tommy. He's simply the best at what he does."

Jen Cardew Kersey
Design Anthropologist

"I worked with Tommy on the Society for Applied Anthropology Podcast project. Tommy's work improved the quality of the project ten-fold. I hope to work with Tommy again in the future as he's just awesome to work with and his product is outstanding."

Tommy Wingo
Audio Engineer

"I don't know what I would do without Tommy. He's been such an essential part of my life for so long now that I really can't imagine my life without his expert knowledge, constant guidance, and ability to operate my lungs."

Kris Zara
Voiceover Artist

"I've worked with Tommy on numerous occasions to record voiceovers. He creates a comfortable working environment and has great tips to help me sound my best. After mixing the audio, Tommy delivers clips that I'm excited to share with everyone I know."

About Tommy

Tommy Wingo has answered technical questions for most of his life. He reads manuals for fun and remembers ridiculous details that are important for technical success, although he may occasionally forget things that are important to his wife (he's working on this).

Although he started out working in IT and still loves working with computers, Tommy switched careers in 2006 to work as an Audio Engineer. He worked on everything from performance art installations and foley for Lifetime TV movies, to naval training simulators and eLearning courses about blood-borne pathogens. It has been quite a ride.

Tommy founded the audio team for online technology-education company Treehouse in 2011 and worked there for almost 8 years. He is his family and friends' on-call tech guy and admits that these things can be hard. Tommy won't make you feel bad for not knowing something. If you have a question, he either knows the answer or has a shortcut to find it.

Example Subjects

  • Home Stereo
  • Home Recording Tips
  • Podcast Production
  • Screen Recording
  • Sound for Film/Video
  • Careers In Audio/Video
  • Cooking
  • Validity Of Film Ideas
  • Bad Ways To Spend Money
  • Working For Startups
  • Obscure Progressive Rock Bands
  • Debate The THAC0 System
  • And More . . .

Example Questions

  • Why are my speakers humming?
  • Check for poltergeists.
  • What should I get for a home stereo?
  • Maybe not a Denon . . .
  • What microphone/preamp should I buy with my budget?
  • Get a vintage Telefunken ELA
    M 251E with an original
    Universal Audio 610 preamp.
    You don't need to eat or
    live inside.
  • Are Fender Rhodes stage pianos any good?
  • Free answer, YES!
  • Tell me how to making amazing screen recordings.
  • That's not a question,
    but let's talk!
  • Is my computer really obsolete? Can I still use it?
  • Let's Talk!
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